A rugged outdoor universal smartphone adapter for your optical instruments.
I was tasked with innovating on an adapter that would accomidate our full line of optical products.  The prodcut needed to be compact, strong, fit a wide range of both smartphones and optical eyepieces/eyetubes and best the competition in final retail price point. 
I performed initial conceptual design and creation that included the 3-axis adjustment feature. I created the "proof of concept " prototype and oversaw engineering for first phase of the development.  
The final execution of development using my innovative features, was produced after my leaving Celestron™. 

X,Y,Z directional knobs to allow perfect aligning of your smartphone's camera
 Works with telescopes, micrscopes, binoculars, monoculars, and spotting scopes
Robust and durable construction using metal frame and polymer body
Accomidates all the latest smartphones
Patent Pending

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